Opening of the Peptide Sciences Laboratory and the Laser Chemical Vapour Deposition & Thin Films Laboratory

On 7 March, UKZN celebrated the opening of two high-tech new laboratories on its Westville campus at an event that included academics and more than 30 external research institutions and industry.

The University has invested R14million into the Peptide Sciences Laboratory and Laser Chemical Vapour Deposition (LCVD) and Thin Films Laboratory, which were officially opened by Vice-Chancellor.

Manilal’s presentation emphasised that academia should assist with the recalibration of society, saying that innovation builds a nation, incentivises skills development and enables long-term planning, leading to increased resolve and lessons in scale and pace. Manilal said UKZN is moving in the right direction to play a role in socioeconomic development in South Africa. Manilal said TIA is encouraging facilities aligned to national priorities as well as facilities enabling more close interaction between universities and the private sector. He noted that these facilities announce the value proposition of the university to industry.

Van Jaarsveld thanked guests for their attendance and work with UKZN, and gave an overview of the University’s new strategic plan and research flagships, saying that facilities like these will service all of UKZN’s research flagships and form a foundation for a University promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

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